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I love this book!
Wonderful experience of love and Truth!

Amazon Customer

Love and Truth

Wow! Very thought provoking! It gives you tools to heal yourself through a quantum energy/medical/spiritual model.

valerie thomson

This book demonstrates how to live in a world that is spiritually crippled.

I could not put it down! I would recommend this book to anyone.

Aleks Martusiuk

The Quantum Life is a page turner

Wonderful book, full of nourishing truth. “Quantum Living, A better way to Live” is a gift of insight from a gentle and beautiful soul, Dr. Teri Daunter. Often I underline and highlight in books when I find quotes that resonate with me, this book is glowing with highlights to re-read and savor. “Your higher consciousness from which all lifetimes evolve has a perennial wisdom not explainable by atomic sensory means”. “Meditation will provide you with the psychic fuel to become a spiritual athlete and explore the minefield of your mind in a boundless process of existence.” She helps you remember innate connections, bringing to you a sense of peace and oneness in the sea of consciousness, so you could float back to exactly who you are. I highly recommend it, and I am grateful to have been blessed with it. Enjoy!

Maja McKeever


I love her and her book. Please get this book. It belongs in every house and helps you achieve the life you want!


This book is awesome!

I enjoy reading this book! So much truth to it! Dance with love, a companion of Light! Stop being afraid and wake up! Love is the absence of fear. Where love exists fear cannot. Love inspires, fear discourages! I love it! Thank you, Dr. Teri!


There is a Better Way to Live!

Such and amazingly insightful and well written book. Dr. Daunter gives and amazing perspective into the quantum world and was easy to understand and enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.

Aiden James

A beautiful read

This is a timely book infused with wisdom from the fourth and fifth dimensions to raise the dimension of reality on Earth to ONE SPIRIT. When I read it, I over and over testified to myself that it is not only a once-read but a book that ought to be read three to four times as a tool to help adjust to the current shifts ongoing universally in the human heart. I highly recommend this book to those who are in search of their inner roadmap to Higher Intelligence.


This book will help you become a more conscious gardener of your mind!

The title is a line from the author’s beautiful verse that her soul composed during a period in quantum meditation. Having spent the last year dealing with (or rather, not dealing with) my mom’s death, this book has given me a new perspective on everything I thought I knew. But really, this book is just insane. And by that I mean that every page is such a vat of information, which I never knew, considered, thought of, etc…I have to read it in chunks because there is so much to process. I read a section and stop because I have to absorb what I just learned. I wish I had read this before my mom died, as I had no idea about quantum medicine. How nice to know now that there is a medicine with soul because it sees you as a finite-infinite expression. “Now go inward. Let us find your peace within”.

M Springer

Take Me From the Night to the Light

This book couldn’t be more timely, particularly coming out of this past year of desperation and uncertainty. If you are ready to find peace, inner strength and explore who you really are and why you are here, this is a MUST read! Dr. Daunter is straight forward in her writing and I find this book exciting, compelling and frankly just plain hard to put down. As I read the pages I felt like the book was written directly to me and it is full of hope which many of us need in these days. There are a lot of souls hurting right now. “The Quantom Life, There is a Better Way to Live” will open your mind and challenge you to shed old ideals, seek and start a better way to live! I am a verified purchaser, I bought this book on Amazon…not sure why they deny this…


A very timely and MUST READ book!!

Amazing book! This book is a great read to gain knowledge of yourself, and to begin to view things in a whole new light. It’s a life manual, and will improve the way that you see yourself and the world that you live in. It will change the way that you act, and more importantly, react to your environment. The author’s style of writing is clear and concise, and projects a feeling of personal experience and willingness to share the gift of knowledge.


Amazing Book, Great Author

I purchased an autographed book directly from the author. There is so much to take in you will find yourself reading it twice.

Andrew Dunham

Spiritual Journey

This book will open your mind to a better way to think, thus live. The entire foundation of our approach to health and disease must be redefined through a deeper understanding of the reality as described by quantum physics. Dr. Daunter’s wisdom will guide you on a journey inward capable of resulting in immense outward change. You will not be disappointed!


It is time for a journey inward

There is a Better Way to Live
by Dr. M. Teri Daunter

“There are frequent mentions of the work of Carl Jung in these pages.
Alongside these are exhortations which ring both contemporary and true, such
as ‘Be the CEO and guardian of your soul.’ This book is ultimately hopeful,
a welcome departure from passive belief systems. The book calls for
the awakening of mankind to its true calling, namely achieving selfhood and
discarding false worship. Dr. Daunter writes, ‘Heaven and hell are states of
consciousness in which you live.’ This is evocative of the best of another spiritual
whistle blower, namely William Blake.”
— Pacific Book Review

Dr. M. Teri Daunter author of THE QUANTUM LIFE There Is A Better Way to Live

NEW YORK TIMES Sunday Book Review (December 2021 Display)

I path to better living and wholeness. This book will allow you to grow and rethink your thoughts in a way that is positive and healing! Instead of trying the traditional route with medication this book will heal you from the inside out and give you the tools to rethink your life in a way that is positive and productive! A game changer for sure!
Thank you Dr. Daunter!

Kindle Customer

Change your life and way of thinking!

I enjoyed this book from the very first page! It is easy to become engaged with the material.

Cameron Koch

Book is absolutely brilliant!

Wow … This is a POWERFUL PUNCH of TRUTH ! I have been connected to source for years after my illness and teach others how to connect to quantum and this book is what I teach … this is the reality and I will be using this book for my teachings . It’s take courage to use this language and I applaud Dr. Terry for her courage and respect for all humanity !
This is a must read … 5 Stars ~ Dr.Kish D.C

maria kish


The insight in this book is absolutely life changing! It opened my eyes to an entirely new perspective of health, wellness, and spiritual fortitude. Dr. Daunter does an amazing job of portraying the critical nature of the quantum side of life, and how the unseen is just as important if not more crucial than what is seen. Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy!

Frances Davis

Life Changing Book

Page-by-page, Dr. Daunter’s voice compells you to think deeply, go inward and find the sacred in the ordinary. Through prose, she has successfully given clarity to that which can only be experienced.


Best read with a highlighter in hand!

Dr. Daunter has taken an elusive construct and made it clear. Her writing is easy to follow and leaves you desiring to know more. It challenges you to dig deep and explore places within yourself you never knew existed.


Thought provoking