Reviewed by: selfpublishingreview

From entanglement and neuroplasticity to immortality, Reiki, and Eastern medicine, The Quantum Life by Dr. M. Teri Daunter represents a unique philosophical bridge between the spiritual and scientific worlds. Daunter lays out how to breach this perennial divide by moving away from traditional orthodoxy and towards an intimate personal relationship with one’s own potential, through the power of consciousness, focus, awareness, and analysis.

Interdimensional study through quantum spirituality may sound like a formidable undertaking, but the book presents an intuitive path for progress, utilizing personal anecdotes, scientific research, and philosophical sermons to reach some truly stunning conclusions. Having spent a lifetime cultivating her curiosity and cognitive capacity to share this fresh spiritual vision, the book has the feel of both a manifesto and a guidebook. Though the focus is on complex scientific and spiritual concepts, there are bursts of recognizable self-help jargon in the prose.

The tone is very confident and declaratory, even about traditionally abstract or personal experiences, which can come off as slightly patronizing or sales-y at times – proving the author’s merit over the merit of these ideas. There is also some questionable use of provocative vocabulary, such as “bondage” or “slavery,” in addition to occasionally derisive language towards other belief systems, which could leave some readers feeling mocked. The author’s unwavering belief in her revolutionary approach to spirituality, science, and self-emancipation is admirable and inspiring, but the text could also be more welcoming.

Overall, these issues are minor, given the strength of the book’s core message. For readers who want a thought-provoking, mind-expanding, and frequently awe-inspiring new take on spiritual integration, Daunter’s treatise delivers in a major way.