Reviewed by: Quantum Medical

We usually do not do book reviews, but in this case I want to make an exception. Many of You know me, I’m Peter J. Ugocean, I Am the CEO of Quantum Medical SRL, We are the ones developing the NUCLEUS and ED.X and NUCLEUS devices.  What you might not know about me, that I am a licensed psychologist as well. I never worked in the field, just completed my studies, and went on pursuing my original plan, which was always IT.

So this is something that interests me, and I actually know my way around the topic as well.

Once in a while a lay my hands upon a book, that blows my mind. I wanted to share with you my most recent discovery, a book called “The quantum life” by Dr. M. Teri Daunter.

Wow, what a book, there is so much to unpack here.

What is it about?  About everything, about our perceptions, about reality as we know it, and the reality behind the Matrix, the reality that we feel is there, we know it is there, we know it is important, more important than our perception of our 4 dimensional lives. A reality in which we can reign, in which we can be healthy and happy, without limits, without worries about the future or the past.

This reality is available to anybody, as long as we wish it to be. As long as we would take the time, to slow down and meditate in the „ecstasy of silence”. Our life are a row of reactions, we just keep reacting to the next thing life throws in our path, we forgot acting, we forgot to be proactive, and again… slow down and think.

Her views of the realm of quantum meditation are revolutionary. I’m sure that i speak for all, when Ι say, that she has put in words, what we couldn’t. The outside pressure of our society, of our everyday life indoctrinated us into an „Orthodoxy” which failed and keeps failing us, thus even if we feel that there is more to life, there is more to being, instead of just existing, we dare not explore these feelings.

Her book is a daring journey of exploration, self-reflection and self-realization.  To put these things in words is a testament to her unselfishness.


We have been developing Quantum Medical devices for almost a decade now, so Ι must confess, Ι was really looking forward to the chapter titled „Quantum Medicine, Medicine of the Infinite”. And rightfully so. We are convinced that quantum medicine is the medicine of the future. Non- invasive diagnostics and therapies are more important than ever. The bases of how our devices work, she summarized in one sentence: „our body is in a dynamic interplay with subtle vital energy fields that require rebalancing if any healing is to take place”. I’m kind of embarrassed by the fact, that a lady who has just recently found out about our devices, can describe the functionalities better than we ever have. We were missing the words… we just knew it works. This is proof to the fact that her ideas should have been around long time ago, but I guess we were just not ready yet.

“Quantum medicine sees you as a multidimensional being with different levels of frequency and treats the whole person from the inside out not the outside in.”

After I set my mind to writing a review for this book, I realized that it will be close to impossible. Every page is a review of itself… there is no way to summarize, no way to shorten this information, it is exactly what it is, it couldn’t possibly be shorter or longer. 

I could list you the things she talks about, but I think you have to buy this book, and find out yourself. I found myself reading a line 5 times, until I realized that it is futile, because I’m still thinking about one of the lines she said 3 pages ago. 

I would like to mention that we are not affiliated with her, we just love her book so much that I had to write my first book review, ever.

Please, get your hands on this book; this might be what you were waiting for… If you feel that something is missing, something doesn’t add up, the things that you see don’t match the things you feel deep inside, this might be the answer.