Reviewed by: Kat Kennedy

“And if Spirit is Infinite, then there cannot be a place the Spirit is not.”

This fascinating book examines the idea of the Quantum Life—a way of approaching life that empowers one to realize that the true purpose of life is to be an active creator in a universe that is both conscious and connected. In fact, consciousness is at the center of what is known as the Quantum Life. The book’s introduction describes this belief as presenting an “inherent psychology of Consciousness.”

The first chapter begins by explaining the concept of Quantum Spirituality which is defined as “the physics of the Infinite.” The author proposes that Quantum Life “provides an exciting vision of spirituality that uses the principles of quantum physics.” The beginning of the book offers the theory that orthodoxy has brainwashed the masses. Calling it a disease, which merely shackles through “collective hypnosis and conditioning,” Daunter continues her argument that Quantum Spirituality sees the individual as a finite-infinite being with endless potential and endless possibilities. She recognizes C. G. Jung’s clinical research concerning the collective unconscious and how it affects one’s spirituality, physical health, and decision-making “as the seed from which Quantum Spirituality grew.”

In other chapters, Daunter continues to drive home the idea that all humans have the capacity to change their paradigm and develop the skills needed to realize their full potential as enlightened beings who are the guardians of their own souls. She states, “You must initiate the creation of your own reality.” One must “start a transition initiative for your evolution and for the greater good of all.” Meditation is the key to achieving full consciousness and living this life. Included are chapters that delve into the nature of energy and the possibility of achieving immortality through reincarnation. The author asserts, “Each lifetime is the child of all your former lifetimes.” In other words, humans accumulate and retain knowledge through many lifetimes. “The energy complex is carried to a future life until you penetrate the darkness of your consciousness and rise to the highest level of your Pure Self.”

Daunter offers up an intriguing premise presented in an easily comprehended manner. She is undoubtedly passionate about the prospect of the human capacity to live the Quantum Life achieving full consciousness. As the holder of doctorate degrees in clinical psychology and quantum advanced medicine, she presents her argument in a detailed and authoritative manner. Though the concepts presented here are complex, the author manages to render them understandable while instilling enthusiasm for her subject into every page. Though some readers, especially those in the Western world, may find the concepts presented in this book controversial, the author presents them with such conviction that readers will find themselves contemplating the possibility of truth within them.

Throughout the work, the author’s passion for her subject and her unwavering belief in the human ability to transcend the confines of orthodoxy make this a concept one might wish to explore. Daunter’s book presents unorthodox ideas about life in an easy-to-understand and enthusiastic manner. Readers from all religious and philosophical backgrounds may find much food for thought in this work.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review