about the author

Dr. M Teri Daunter

Dr. M. Teri Daunter is an eternal student of spirituality. Even though she has been in private clinical practice for thirty-nine years and has two Ph.Ds, first one in Clinical Psychology and the second in Quantum Advanced Medicine, she is informed by Consciousness. The latter is the underlying foundation of the movement in her life. Dr. Daunter’s work does not stop with the physical as it does with conventional treatment, She works with the quantum-physical levels of systems in determining causes of imbalances. She invites you to find the deepest sources of your being and transform your life in countless ways. “There is a better way to live, she reveals.

She invites you to join her in learning the language of Infinity. She wants her work and gifts to be transmitted far and wide for the benefit of all beings. May this book on the physics of inner life have wings, be blessed by Babaji and all the Great Masters, and serve many in understanding and manifesting the new quantum paradigm for healing and direct experience. Dr. Daunter welcomes enthusiastically open communication with her on all levels.