The Quantum Life

There Is a Better Way to Live

The Quantum Life is provocative, intellectually and spiritually challenging. It will trigger you and it will awaken you because it demonstrates how you live in a world that is psycho-spiritually crippled. You are sleeping imprisoned, it informs. You are so bound to the dumb conformity built from deceptive tricks that you hardly perceive your bonds. Normal is not healthy. Normal is neurotic. You have been chained and hampered and living a life of fiction Dr. Daunter exhorts.

The Quantum Life illustrates how you span two dimensions simultaneously. It teaches the reader to operate from a much larger computer with infinite information. It teaches you to release blocked creativity, endow your life with meaning and gives you the opportunity to see yourself in the bigger scope of life by connecting to your Infinite Creative Intelligence. The Quantum Life provides you the longest vision in the room and awakens you to a profounder self-knowledge.

This fascinating book examines the idea of The Quantum Life-a way of approaching life that empowers one to realize that the true purpose of life is to be an active creator in a universe that is both conscious and connected. In fact, consciousness is at the center of what is known as The Quantum Life. The book’s introduction describes this belief as presenting an “inherent psychology of Consciousness.” The beginning of the book offers the theory that orthodoxy has brainwashed the masses. Calling it a disease, which merely shackles through collective hypnosis and conditioning,” Daunter continues her argument that Quantum Spirituality sees the individual as a finite-infinite being with endless potential and endless possibilities. She recognizes C. G. Jung’s clinical research concerning the collective unconscious and how it affects one’s spirituality, physical health, and decision-making as the seed from which Quantum Spirituality grew.” Daunter offers up an intriguing premise presented in an easily comprehended manner. She is undoubtedly passionate about the prospect of the human capacity to live The Quantum Life achieving full consciousness. The author’s passion for her subject and her unwavering belief in the human ability to transcend the confines of orthodoxy make this a concept one might wish to explore. Daunter’s book presents unorthodox ideas about life in an easy-to-understand and enthusiastic manner. Readers from all religious and philosophical backgrounds may find much food for thought in this work. US Review of Books by Kat Kennedy.

There are frequent mentions of the work of Carl Jung in these pages. Alongside these are exhortations which ring both contemporary and true, such as “Be the CEO and guardian of your soul.” This book is ultimately hopeful, a welcome departure from passive belief systems. The book calls for the awakening of mankind to its true calling, namely achieving selfhood and discarding false worship. Dr. Daunter writes, “Heaven and hell are states of consciousness in which you live.” This is evocative of the best of another spiritual whistleblower, namely William Blake. – David Allen, Pacific Book Review

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