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I have known Dr Daunter over 30 years and she writes what she teaches, there is a better way to live !


Consciousness !

I love it this book. You have to read this book. It will change your life forever.
Easy and simple to understand and extremely profound. I am going to read it 7 times.

Wake up

Love it

Haven’t read it, but even the description sounds like it is a very useful tool and great read!

Breanna Jewell

Good book!

The Quantum Life is provocative and inspirational and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for spiritual and emotional growth. Dr. Teri Daunter does an amazing job challenging you and engaging at a personal level!

Dominic J Daunter

Great Read!!

I highly recommend reading this book to understand the science behind a lot of what happens in the spiritual world.

elia santana

A gold mine.

Dr. Daunter reminds us that “in making the integral shift in perception from being acted upon by life to becoming actively involved in the process of living, you will develop a consciousness of choice which will enhance your life on every level.” Bravo! Well stated and so very, very true. No victim…just victor! The Quantum Life is a passionate presentation of the meaning of life, what matters and what does not through the eyes of quantum reality.

Heather G.

Integral Shift

A blessing way to guide us on The Happy Forever Road. A pure delight. A simple miracle We all deserve.
Love you Dr Teri
Thank You, again and again
Peace be with Us All always!

Joanne Scalise

Brilliant! A blessing!