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I encourage every reader to keep this in mind…that there is a better life to live… it’s a different meaning to every person. Dr. Daunter opens up your mind and heart to this philosophy. What ever you are going through, or just looking for another perspective, you will find what you are looking for in this book❤️

Erika Nemer

There is a better way to live….

A wealth of information that is written in a way that is captivating to read. This is not a boring self-help book. If you are ever wondering why life seems harder or less satisfying than it should be – READ THIS!
Thank you Dr. Daunter for all the thoughtfulness you’ve put into this book! 🙂



Great read. Very well put together. The author is very intuitive. This book puts our busy lives back into perspective. I enjoyed reading it while camping. Find some zen and buy a copy of The Quantum Life. You won’t be disappointed.

Madden Pateman

Great read to put your life in perspective.

Dr. Daunter’s message is far more than words on a page–she speaks the truth for those who are ready to hear it. Her message can enrich an individual life and the world itself. Thank you for making the world a better place by connecting us all!

The Happy Looker

Not Just Words on a Page--the Truth!

This book is most phenomenal. Thank you Teri and Babaji!!! This book is power punched and does not mince words. I am inspired, uplifted and held accountable all at once. I am getting this book out to friends, family and colleagues. It will help recalibrate us, to be of greatest service to life.

Claire Gaillard

Must read to recalibrate for transformational journey.

A Magical ride through the mind. This book couldn’t be more appropriate for the time we are living in.



Based simply on reading the back cover I cannot wait to dive into this book! So engaging, descriptive and relatable regarding my perspective on life ….
Thank you Dr. M. Teri Daunter for this book! It has entered my life at the most needed time !


Gripping !!

A provocative and inspirational read that challenges us to open our awareness, to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and to blow past limitations we have previously set for ourselves. Writing with wisdom and soulful heart, Dr Teri Daunter challenges us to go deep and think big!


An Inspirational read

Dr Teri does a wonderful job of challenging our conditioned way of thinking and feeling to improve our emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical health.
Dr Teri shares her interesting journey for the betterment of each one of us.

Kathryn E

There is a better way to live!

The book has taught me to reach for real goals… the goals that we were all meant to reach for.. to be more godlike.. to see within and to realize the energy that we are surrounded by and ultimately made of!!

D. Cushman

A guide to the spiritual life we are all meant to live.

The Quantum Life takes quantum theory and personalizes the theory to make it real and practical in daily life. Great work Dr. Daunter!

Michael J Vanderhoof

I am reading The Quantum Life for my book club. Amazing content and very insightful. Congrats 🎉

This book belongs on every coffee table. Intense and soul gratifying read. It WILL wake you up from your sleep.

Tom D.

You must read this book!

An excellently crafted work that encourages intellectual and spiritual growth. Written with clear truths that give guidance for a better way to live. Thank you, Dr. Daunter.

Surviving the life

Please read this book. It will help YOU make your life better. The choice is yours.

The Quantum Life is required reading for those ready to awaken from the programmed slumber in which so many live. It is time to realize our infinite potential and become One with our Divinity.

ken G

Immerse yourself in the ocean of self-realization that is The Quantum Life.

Revelations in simple language!! A new age hand book providing protocols to further claim the very nature of your existence. Recommendable to anyone anywhere on your journey.

John turski

Highly recommend.

I found this book interesting, it makes you think about things differently.

Jim Knibbs

The Quantum Life

A thought provoking and inspiring book! I am finding myself to be more aware of my environment, my spirituality, and my emotions. A recommended read for all.

Drake Daunter

Must Read

This book is very inspiring and amazing I recommend reading this book is the best book I’ve ever Read


The best book ever

The wisdom and knowledge expressed in this book is amazing. Blessed to know this author.


Amazing Insite!

From this emerging Quantum Culture, The Quantum Life is a genuine testimony reflecting an original perspective of the reality.

Amazon Customer

Discovery of Consciousness